Pharmaceutical Group


  • Performance Management
  • Turnaround
  • Efficiency Enhancement


For a prominent pharmaceutical group, Obicio conducted a comprehensive assessment of the corporation's competitive position across all market segments, as well as its capabilities. Following this assessment, we collaborated with the client to define a strategic plan aimed at leveraging strengths, addressing weaknesses, and maximizing opportunities in the pharmaceutical landscape. Our strategic guidance extended to providing support in operational execution, ensuring alignment with the overarching strategic objectives.
Additionally, we facilitated the turnaround of the food supplement and herbal division, which had previously experienced years of operating losses. Through strategic interventions and operational optimizations, we successfully reversed the division's financial trajectory, achieving a remarkable increase in profits of over 10% within a year.
Furthermore, we supported the client in the registration of their anti-inflammatory drug with the World Health Organization, navigating regulatory requirements and facilitating the approval process. This achievement bolstered the client's product portfolio and enhanced their global presence in the pharmaceutical market.