Partnerships and Alliances

IT Service Provider

For a large IT consulting firm serving the government sector, assessment of the opportunity to introduce a strategic consulting services to the existing portfolio of IT and security services.  Definitoin of strategic plans for some sensitive agencies within the Ministry of Interior.  Development of collaboration strategies between client and a national financing program to accelerate the engagement of ministries in their e-transformation and improve country's worldwide ranking in electronic government services.

Mobile Operator

For a lead mobile operator, audit of a national supply chain contract between client and 3 equipment and infrastructure vendors.

Pharmaceutical Group

For a large pharmaceutical group, assessment of corporation competitive position on all market segments and its capabilities and definition of strategic plan and support in operational execution. Turnaround of the food supplement and herbal division from years of operating losses to +10% profits in 1 year.  Registration of client’s anti-inflammatory drug with the World Health Organization.

Sports Construction Company

For a large sports construction, audit of existing corporate strategy (including an in-depth analysis of financial data), development of international Go-To-Market strategy and renegotiation of contracts with suppliers to reduce raw material cost by 33%.  Coordination of merger process between client and 3 target companies to setup a sports holding organization.

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