Alei Hassanein

Alei Hassanein is an entrepreneur, a seasoned executive and a senior advisor with over two decades of expertise devoted to enhancing organizational efficiency, transforming organizations into purpose-driven, data-centric, and customer-focused entities.

He has successfully executed 100+ multi-million € strategic transformation projects across 4 continents and 20 countries, with a focus on the life sciences, industrial, financial, and humanitarian sectors.
Alei is the founder of 2 startups – one specializing in transformation and organizational development, and the other in healthcare consulting.
He holds a MSc in Telecom Engineering (from Swiss Institute of Technology) and an MBA (from HEC Lausanne).
He is also the author of the Business and Kindness Novel ‘La tyrannie de l’hibiscus’ (2024) advocating for the integration of kindness in organizations to cultivate environments that fuel purpose, impact and excellence.